We are a small group of individuals who wish to preserve the unique dynamic of our association by limiting our membership to a manageable number.

However, we currently have openings so please feel free to contact us about becoming a future member or download and mail in an application.

Dues are $35 per year.  We hold our monthly meeting on the third Tuesday of each month.

NSC Membership Application


In Memorium

The Surfcasters has lost several Club members over the years and would like to acknowledge their friendship and dedication to our group.  They were our fishing buddies and are missed.  But they live on in our memories and in the tales we tell.

Dick Mandeville, 71, passed away on January 17th 2018.  Better known as “FishDoc”, Dick was a fine craftsman, wood turner and maker of some of the most beautiful and effective wooden plugs one could buy.  He was a dear friend of the Surfcasters and was also a member of The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association.  He could often be found at club gatherings sitting behind a table of his wares, entertaining people with his stories and enlightening them on what makes his plugs so good.
Dick is survived by his wife, brother, daughter, two sons, and several grandchildren.  He lived in Greenville, RI and taught at Lincoln High School for 33 years, retiring in 1999.