Several tournaments are on tap for 2022 that will be run by Tournament Coordinator Michael Lynch.  Feel free to contact Mike or his committee with any questions.

Michael Lynch, Chairman, 401-742-1069
Dave Morton, 401-215-5062
Kevin Barrios, 401-524-4728

2022 Tournament Calendar

2022 TournamentDatesDetails
Year-longApril 1
December 31
Affidavits can be downloaded for printing and submission when available
Leaderboard posted as entries are recorded
Spring Run ClassicJune 17, 6 PM
June 26, 12 PM
All RI waters from shore only
RISAA Spring Surf Fishing Club ChallengeJune ??, 6 PM
June ??, 7 AM
Inter-club challenge
All RI waters
2021 Team Champion – RIMS
Nelson Valles Four-Member ChallengeSeptember 9, 6 PM through
September 18, 12 PM
Teams are chosen at random
and will be announced prior to the event
RISAA Fall Surf Fishing Club ChallengeOctober 15, 6 PM
October 17, 7 AM
Inter-club challenge
Narrow River, Narragansett to Napatree Point, Westerly
2021 Team Champion – RISAA
Fall Run ClassicOctober 21, 6 PM
October 30, 12 PM
All RI waters

2021 Yearlong Tournament Leaderboard, Striped Bass

PlaceAnglerLength, inches
1Charlie Lepre47.25
2Luke Znosko43
3Mike Lynch36
4Joe Castaldi32
5Ron Lynch30
Tournament ends December 31, Midnight

2021 Yearlong Tournament Leaderboard, Bluefish

PlaceAnglerWeight, pounds, ounces
1Luke Znosko18 lbs
2Mike Lynch7 lbs, 5 oz.
3Rich Heffernan7 lbs, 4.8 oz.
Tournament ends December 31, Midnight

2021 Nelson Valles 4-Member Challenge

Final Standings

The annual Nelson Valles 4-Member Challenge concluded on Sunday, September 19 at 6 PM.

Thanks to the 24 members who took up the Challenge this year.

Custom-embroidered New Era ball caps were awarded to the species winning teams and the Challenge Champion Team 4. Cash prizes were also given to Team 4 due to its winning multiple categories.

The St. Croix Mojo Surf Rod was won by Joe McCoy of Team 4.

TeamMemberStriped BassBluefishAlbacoreCombined Length
1Glenn Costa
Buzz Vickers
Mike Rogers
Nelson Valles
25, 26, 27” = 789none36
2Dick Geldard
Victor Cardoso
Luke Znosko
Andrea Chartier
30, 30, 30, 32” = 122
Species Co-Winner
3Zack Bain
Michael Lynch
Dick Durand
Rich Heffernan
26, 27, 30” = 838, 18 = 26none48
4Ron Lynch
Joe McCoy
Gene Spring
Marty Wencek
30, 30, 31, 31” = 122
Species Co-Winner
5, 20, 20.5” = 45.5
Species Winner
Challenge Champion
5Rob McFadden
Jim Timpano
Bruce Bain
Dave Morton
25, 27, 31, 34” = 117nonenone34
6Kevin Stone
Richie Reich
Bob Grillo
Joe Coppola
27, 27, 28” = 8222none50
Team 4 is the Challenge Champion determined by Combined Length (longest fish of each species)

NV4M Challenge

Best Photo

Andrea in the suds

2021 Rules changes

New this year is the use of a poker chip that must be placed on or next to a fish before photographing it.

Tokens are available at Maridee’s Bait and Tackle, Quaker Lane Bait and Tackle, or a Tournament Committee Member.

Yearlong Tournament
Spring Run Classic

New Bluefish Rules

Two options are acceptable:

  • Weigh the fish at any official weigh station with a digital scale and obtain a signed receipt
  • Catch & Release – use a digital type scale to weigh the fish and obtain a witness signature

Then, follow the directions on the affidavit for recording your catch

Fish measurement and photographing

All fish entered into tournaments are to be clearly measured and photographed and show the tournament token.

Good example of fish measurement clearly showing ruler and ID card.

2021 Spring Run Classic Winners

PlaceLeaderStriped bass
Length, in inches
1Luke Znosko40
2Mike Lynch36
3Ron Lynch30
Tournament ended Sunday, June 13, 12 pm

2020 Yearlong Tournament Champions

BluefishMike Lynch7.54 pounds
Striped bassLuke Znosko39 inches

2020 Fall Run Classic Winners

PlaceLeaderStriped bass
Length, in inches
1Luke Znosko36.0
2Mike Lynch32.0
3Bob Grillo29.0
4Glenn St. Germain26.0
5Rich Heffernan25.25
Honorable MentionChip Bowlby24.0
Tournament Final on 10/19/2020 – – – – – – – – Click links to view entries