Several tournaments are on tap for 2022 that will be run by Tournament Coordinator Charlie Lepre.  Feel free to contact Charlie or his committee with any questions.

Charlie Lepre, Chairman, 401-204-3984
Luke Znosko, 401-529-1501
Bruce Bain, (401) 280-6845

2022 Fall Run Classic Tournament

October 11, 6 AM through October 17, 12 PM

Report catches to Charlie Lepre or Bruce Bain at numbers above

Use the Jack of any suit to tag your catch

Tournament Rules and Affidavit for each catch are below

Fall Run Classic Leaderboard

Striped bass entries as of October 14

Club MemberLength, in inches
Michael Lynch35

Nelson Valles 4-Member Challenge Teams and Results

Final tally as of September 19, 8 AM

Challenge Champion Team is Team 2

NV4M TeamMembersStriped
1Nelson Valles
Andre Digou
Cynthia Raso
Bob Sckalor
27.5, 2818.5, 19, 20.5
2Rich Heffernan
Richie Reich
Jim Harper
Henri Lanciaux
36, 38, 39.5

21, 31


3Gene Spring
Dick Durand
Mike McNally
Marty Wencek
27, 28, 3421, 26
4Chappy Nem
Rob McFadden
Rob DiBona
Michelle Lewandowski
34, 35, 3918
5Victor Cardoso
Bruce Bain
Kevin Stone
Rich Clarke
31, 33, 3617, 20, 25
6Charlie Lepre
Dave Taylor
Joe Coppola
Patrick LaFreniere
41, 44, 46.5
Species Winner
16, 16, 18
7Gary Hazard
Luke Znosko
Steve Paine
Will Walker
32, 33, 3418, 27, 30
Species Winner
8Glenn Costa,
Andrea Costa
Joe McCoy
Jim Timpano
27, 28, 2922, 23.5, 24.5
Species Winner
Thanks to all 32 Narragansett Surfcasters for making this year’s Challenge a fun and rewarding success!
NV4M Photo Contest Winner by Andrea Costa

2022 Yearlong Rules changes

New this year is the use of an Ace from a deck of cards to identify an entry for the Yearlong Tournament. An ace of any suit will serve as the 2022 marker. Just place it on or next to a fish before photographing it. Carry all four in case one gets wet or ruined. It’s your ace in the hole!

The playing card to use for the Spring and Fall Run tournaments will be announced by the Tournament Coordinator shortly before the start of the tournament.

2022 Tournament Calendar

2022 TournamentDatesDetails
Year-longApril 1
December 31
Affidavits can be downloaded for printing and submission when available
Leaderboard posted as entries are recorded
Spring Run ClassicJune 1, 6 PM
June 20, 12 PM
All RI waters from shore only
RISAA Spring Surf Fishing Club ChallengeJune 17, 6 PM
June 19, 6:30 AM
Inter-club challenge
All RI waters
2021 Team Champion – RIMS
Nelson Valles 4-Member ChallengeSeptember 9, 6 PM through
September 18, 6 PM
See teams and rules below
RISAA Fall Surf Fishing Club ChallengeOctober 14, 6 PM
October 16, 6:30 AM
Inter-club challenge
Narrow River, Narragansett to Napatree Point, Westerly
2021 Team Champion – RISAA
Fall Run ClassicOctober 11, 6 AM
October 20, 12 PM
All RI waters

2022 Yearlong Tournament Leaderboard, Striped Bass

PlaceAnglerLength, inches
1Charlie Lepre46.5
2Steve Paine43
3Will Walker33
Tournament ends December 31, Midnight

2022 Yearlong Tournament Leaderboard, Bluefish

PlaceAnglerWeight, pounds, ounces
Tournament ends December 31, Midnight

Past Tournament Winners can be found here

New Bluefish Rules

Two options are acceptable:

  • Weigh the fish at any official weigh station with a digital scale and obtain a signed receipt
  • Catch & Release – use a digital type scale to weigh the fish and obtain a witness signature

Then, follow the directions on the affidavit for recording your catch