Several tournaments are on tap for 2019 that will be run by Tournaments Coordinator Richie Reich.  Feel free to contact him with any questions.

The schedule and details below are subject to change as rules and dates are updated, so check back often.

Year-longApril 1
December 31
Affidavits used to submit entries
Leaderboard posted here
RISAA Spring Surf Fishing Club ChallengeJune 7, 6PM
June 9, 7AM
Interclub challenge
All RI waters
RISAA weigh-in stations
Breakfast at Andrea
Tournament Rules
Fishing For Fibro
Striped Bass Tournament
July 19th 6 AM
July 21, 12 PM
Register with Ricky Geldard at
774 930-7098 or
See Announcement
Four man teamSept. 27, 6 PM
Sept. 29, 12 PM
Teams drawn by lottery

Rules are below

Click for Team Line-ups
RISAA Fall Surf Fishing Club ChallengeOctober 18, 6PM
October 20, 7AM
Interclub challenge
Narrow R. to Napatree
RISAA weigh-in stations
Breakfast at Andrea