The primary focus of the local scene is fishing for false albacore, or Albies as they are more commonly known.  When the albies first started to appear in September they were quite plentiful but seem to have tapered off and now in mid-October are more difficult to catch as their numbers dwindle.  We see small pods of them quite often off-shore as they break the surface but are more often than not beyond casting range.  Coupled with their selective feeding nature makes them a challenge to catch.

Striped bass are coming in and out of the area as well.  Some mornings and evenings they are blitzing on large, thick schools of peanut bunker.  Other times they are gone.  But when they are in and showing, the bass are large and many keepers are being landed.

Bluefish have also shown up in good number at times around Monahan’s Dock and at the North Kingstown Town Beach when the water is high.