Spring is finally here!  No, really!  The center of the sun passed over the equator at around noon today. 

So it’s official; it just doesn’t feel like it.  We wish Spring had sprung instead of creeping along at this glacial pace.  Sure, we can depend on the sun but the weather, not so much.

But on a more positive note, the herring are up in the Gilbert Stewart area so it won’t be long before our little striped friends return in waves to capture our full attention.  It’ll be a cold swim, however.  A quick check of the Block Island weather buoy reveals a water temperature of 39° F.  That’s two ticks less than on March 1st when we last looked. 

Though it may seem like we’re headed in the wrong direction, there are reasons to cheerful (pt. 3).   Here are a few…

Opening day of baseball is almost here

April Fools Day

The start of trout season

The return of striped bass

That special trifecta of Patriot’s Day, the Boston Marathon and Tax Day all rolled into one.  What’s not to like about that?

And who can forget The Surfcasters’ April  Awards Banquet  so be sure to get your ticket at today’s meeting or you’ll miss out on a great buffet dinner as only the Spain Restaurant can do it; seeing friends, old and new; presentation of member awards; and a raffle to end all raffles.

And don’t forget to shake some jing out of that piggy bank for your shirt orders at the meeting today as well.

See you there.