Though Spring is technically still a month away, the recent warm – but oh so soggy – weather is beginning to give up a few signs of that long-awaited season we all look forward to.  Look around you and you’ll see them too.  Spring flowers are poking up through the brown grass, witch hazel is already showing its vibrant yellow blossoms and yesterday was 57° F!  Just warm enough to prompt the wood frogs in the wetlands to start croaking.  Pollywogs won’t be far behind!

While out fishing I’m also seeing a winter holdover striper being taken here and there.  I’ve also been on the lookout for herring in the usual streams to make an appearance, but haven’t seen any yet.  Sure, we’ll get some nasty weather in March – we had two blizzards in the beginning of March last year – but hang in there, Spring is on its way.

And while you’re waiting why not take in the New England Saltwater Fishing Show coming up on March 9th through 11th?


1 thought on “Thinking Spring

  1. its my first time on the new blog…. very nice thank you for all your work. The the reasons to be cheerful link is too sent me right back to 1979,lol………………………….Ed Sousa

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